Adelia at Old Goodwood

Onsite Design reveals master plan for high-end residential community at Goodwood Plantation

‘Adelia’ to include 48 custom homes built on the last remaining 17 acres of undeveloped Old Goodwood property

Baton Rouge, La. — Local developer Onsite Design has entered into a purchase agreement to buy the famed Goodwood Plantation with plans to build a high-end residential community on the surrounding acreage.

The historic home, which was built in the early 1850s, will undergo an extensive preservation and restoration effort and serve as the centerpiece for the private, 48-lot development — which bridges Goodwood Boulevard and Government Street.

“This project is simply one-of-a-kind,” said Michael Hogstrom, founding principal of Onsite Design. “Goodwood has always been a very desirable area to live and it would be hard to argue this property is not its crown jewel.”

As the largest remaining parcel of undeveloped Goodwood land, the project represents a unique opportunity to address the demand for new construction on large, estate-sized lots on the north side of Interstate 10.

“Our goal for this development is two-fold,” Hogstrom emphasized. “First and foremost, we must preserve the integrity of the historic structure to ensure it stands another 150 years. We also want to bring renewed life and energy to this property which we know is a major cornerstone of central Baton Rouge.”

Charles A. Landry — known for his work on Baton Rouge’s Shaw Center for the Arts and the IBM building — is a co-developer on the project with his role focusing on the zoning, real estate and financial aspects of the development.

The property is presently zoned for A1 residential use and conforms entirely with all single-family residential zoning requirements with absolutely no waivers or re-zoning needed. The lots will average 10,835 square feet at a starting price of $27 per square foot with reservations beginning immediately with a unique waterfall incentive program. 

“We believe in this development and we want to reward the early purchasers who share that vision,” Hogstrom said.

The incentive program offers a tiered premium applied to the lot cost based on the order in which they are purchased.

  • Phase I (first round of 6 buyers): 7.0% premium
  • Phase II (second round of 6 buyers): 6.5% premium
  • Phase III (third round of 6 buyers): 6.0% premium
  • Phase IV (fourth round of 6 buyers): 5.5% premium
  • Phase V (fifth round of 6 buyers): 5.0% premium

For decades, this property was highly sought after by developers in the Baton Rouge area. Hogstrom will be only the third owner in the 165-year history of the home which was purchased by the Babin family in 1930 from the original owner, Dr. Samuel Laycock.

“We hand-selected Onsite Design because we were impressed with their étage Gardens development which is near our property,” said Anna Babin-Neal and Thomas Babin, the sellers of the property. “His master plan will breathe new life into this extraordinary place that our family holds so dear. In fact,  when we saw it, we immediately decided to reserve the first two lots to show our support and to be a part of the next generation of this property.”

The project has attracted several investors and financial institutions. Many residents from the Goodwood, Bocage and Hundred Oaks neighborhoods have encouraged the project because of its ability to increase economic development and property values in the area.
Onsite Design is no stranger to the infill residential market. The firm has focused on activating and galvanizing historic neighborhoods through its three other nearby developments — étage Gardens, Overton Walk and Township at Old Goodwood — all of which sold out at an average of $25 to $30 per square foot.

Already enjoying strong pre-launch reservation interest, Adelia at Old Goodwood is slated to begin infrastructure improvements in the first quarter of next year. Design and construction are scheduled to follow in May.

Adelia will give Baton Rouge a new standard for high-end residential living,” Hogstrom said. “As you drive under the ancient oaks and approach the house, you know you are somewhere incredibly special. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in a community with an unparalleled sense of place and become a part of Baton Rouge history.”